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Deli & Fresh, the new store in 40, Patriarchou Ioakeim street, comes from a long family tradition. It is the follow-up of the historical shop founded by Ioannis Alevizopoulos, my father-in-law, in 1950, in 6, Patriarchou Ioakeim street, the most central street in Kolonaki.

In our new Deli&Fresh Store we still look for and supply you with fine, high quality traditional food from all parts of our country, with the same passion and knowledge. Traditional flavours and special tastes. With the aura of our blessed land, which produces foods of high nutritional value, we find what is really worth a place on your table.

Assorted fresh fruit and vegetables, strictly selected meat, first quality steaks and traditional products are hosted in the DELI & FRESH store. We dispose of much larger room than in our previous store, so we can enrich your dining experience with high quality meats and some excellent Greek Olive varieties.

Our goal and mission is to provide the Greek table with the unique quality in taste and nutritional value offering you exquisite products of our country.

Taste the difference quality makes


Michael Fokas and John Fokas Son

Phone: 210 72 14 322
Fax: 211 800 72 36
Πατρ. Ιωακείμ 40, Κολωνάκι
40, Patr. Ioakeim str. Kolonaki